What to Expect from a Dental implant Procedure

You might have to get implants, or at least that’s what your Eagle Rock dentists suggests. Implants can change your life, for they will help you have better teeth, can change your jaw bone health and structure, and overall really assist you in having better dental health. However, you might be worried about what they will do to you. Well, you’re about to find out, for this article will discuss just what you go through exactly when getting a dental implant and what to expect.
First, you’ll get x-rays. These are the typical x-rays that you get, but there will also be a 3D CT scan done on our mouth to look for any gum and bone condition issues and any caveats that might need to be attended to.
Then, the dentist will take an impression of your mouth to get a good replica of what your teeth, gums, and the tissues are around and what they will work with. They’ll then decide what needs to be done, and you’ll then bite down onto the impression tray for about a minute or two and it’ll be a ru…